• Researching and developing VANET communication protocols and simulating traffic using OMNET++, SUMO, and VEINS. (Present)
  • Source is available on GitHub here

Ray Tracer Program

  • Completed a ray tracer program without using any graphic APIs. Implemented effects such as reflection and refraction through an object.(2010)
  • Source is available on GitHub here


  • Designed a Data Acquisition program with vxWorks OS to communicate via sockets and publish data on a website. (2009)
  • Designed a web server for vxWorks OS. (2010)

Small Robot

  • Designed and implemented a small robot for embedded systems class. This robot was implemented in RoboJDE and did various tasks such as object and heat detection. (2009)


  • The FUNSAT (Florida University SATellite) is a pico-satellite with a maximum mass of 1 Kg and the size of 10 x 10 x 10 cm3. The main objectives of this competition are promotion of an interdisciplinary project for systems engineering, supporting a test-bed for advanced technologies such as MEMS, and promoting advanced study and career development for Florida students in the field of aerospace. (2009)