How to Create a Network and Simulation in SUMO Using OpenStreetMap

I have uploaded another video on YouTube. This video will teach you how to take a map from OpenStreetMap and turn in into a SUMO simulation (which then can be used in our VANET simulations). You can view the video here: Link on OpenStreetMap (downtown orlando): NetConvert Command: Please refer to How To Create […]

How To Create a Network and Simulation in SUMO

In this post, you will learn about SUMO networks, how to create a SUMO network (by hand and using NETGENERATE), and how to create a simulation in SUMO. As always, if you prefer to watch a video you can see the walkthrough of this tutorial on my YouTube channel here. What is a SUMO Network? […]

Getting started with OMNET++, INET, and Veins

In this post, we are going to learn how to get started using OMNET++, INET, and Veins. We will learn how to set up our OMNET++ environment, create our own workspace, and learn how to run INET and VEINs. As always you can watch my video here, that goes over everything this post has. In […]

Introduction to VANETs

This post will give you a short introduction to VANETs (vehicular ad-hoc networks). You will learn what are VANETs, VANET architecture, potential applications, and research needs. As always if you prefer to watch a video I have a presentation (about 3.5 minutes) that is available here. What are VANETs? So what are VANETs? VANET stands […]