Data Structures And Algorithms YouTube Series

Long time no blog post! I took a break for a while to focus on my personal life (something that is super important and should not be neglected) and career, but I recently started creating a Data Structures and Algorithms series on YouTube. This series will cover all topics that would be taught at a […]

Introduction to C++ Series

I have completed another small youtube series that covers the basic fundamentals of programming with C++. This series covers: The necessary tools you need in order to build C++ applications How to create a simple C++ program Creating variables Creating methods If statements, conditionals, and ternary operators Generating a random number in C++ How to […]

System.out.print() vs cout in Java and C++

A question I get asked often in my Java classes is “What is System.out.print() and is it similar to cout in C++?” First, let’s look at the first half of this question. What is System.out.print()? System.out.print() is a Java statement that prints the argument passed, into the System.out which is generally stdout (standard output – e.g. the console in simple programs). System is a […]